Tuesday, April 6, 2010

RoXy PrOmO : LeT's PlaY!

RoXy ProMo : Let's PLAY!

Want to owns a RoXy, but, RM40 plus poslaju is too expensive for u?
Now u can stand a chance to give me your price!


I'm having RoxY sTocK CleaRanCe, sO instead of fixing the price, now i'll let YOU decide!

As long as u consider it REASONABLE, u can name it.

If I accept it, then it's a deal-lah.

But if not, then we'll deal again. haha

Nah, just name-your-price lah!

Only limited sizes available.
For items stated 'can be order', I'm not sure if I can still order it.
My supplier turns to supply Crocs instead.
Sad, yes!
Crocs? NO?

=miss CPT=

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