Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roxy Wedges : Case Closed :)

Hi all!

Just to let everyone knows that EVERYTHING in this section
"Roxy Wedges"
are all S.O.L.D O.U.T!

The very last piece has been sold @ RM8 just to end a remarkable journey of Roxy Wedges.

When it first came out, the price is around RM60++ each, and yep it's not original.
Untill now, I guess you can buy it at only RM10 a pair,
which is, a good news to us, customers BUT the quality has gone down too!

This is simply how business economics are.
When the demand is high, quantity produced is low, so prices will hike.
Most sellers see this opportunity, so competitions rises-everyone wants to sell at cheaper prices, more demands pushing manufacturers to produce more, and eventually the prices will drop.
..and the quality is low too..

Whatever it is, Cheap.Pretty.Things are very proud that we provide gorgeous designs of Roxy Wedges and get to serve our happy customers.

Thanks to everyone!!

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